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Gulfport Criminal Defense Lawyer

Southern Mississippi Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Jim Davis in Gulfport, Mississippi, provides outstanding representation and
personalized service to people throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. We are dedicated to
achieving results that meet the unique needs of our clients in the practice areas of criminal
defense and personal injury. Whether you are facing criminal charges or need compensation
after an accident, you can count on us.

Beyond a reasonable doubt, we offer a better criminal defense. To discuss your individual legal needs with an experienced Gulfport criminal defense attorney, call us at 228-284-4453 or toll free 866-697-9262 today.

More Than 25 Years of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Experience

Attorney Jim Davis, a third generation lawyer, has an abundance of criminal defense, personal
injury and appeals experience. He is a past president of the Mississippi Public Defenders
Association and currently serves on their board of directors. He has been a member of the
National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys for many years. He has taken more than
100 jury trials to verdict, amassing an impressive track record of success, including numerous
"Not Guilty" verdicts and Plaintiffs' monetary awards.

Put an End to Your Stress

If you are in need of an aggressive criminal defense, it can be a very stressful experience. We
treat all of our clients equally, regardless of the complexity of their case. You can rely on us to
focus on your legal issues so you can focus on yourself and your family.

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows what information, facts, or law to look for and apply it to your particular situation in order to obtain the best results for you. You do not want your case handled by someone who has voir dired and chosen only a few juries, or who has given opening statements and closing arguments only a couple of times. Knowing what pretrial motions to file and argue or the proper jury instructions to request is not something an inexperienced criminal defense attorney should decide. You need an attorney who has filed and successfully argued hundreds of pretrial motions and who knows the correct law to be presented and argued in jury instructions. A criminal jury trial can be very complex, but a good, experienced criminal defense trial lawyer such as Jim Davis can make it appear very simple

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Regardless of what your case brings, our firm will remain focused on protecting your rights, keeping you informed and achieving results that meet your specific needs and goals. To consult with one of our attorneys about your criminal defense or personal injury case, contact us today.

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